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Our Mission:

To partner with local churches to give every child in Arkansas the opportunity to hear the Gospel.

According to the 2020 census, over 34,000 children between the ages of five and fourteen live in the Southwest Arkansas region. Yet only roughly 59% of them are not consistently part of a church (based on research by Pew Forum). How will they hear the Gospel and grow in the faith?

We believe the best way to reach our community is through the local church. We partner with churches, providing training, resources, and proven ministry programs to effectively teach children God's Word, both inside and outside the church.

February 24, March 16, April 27

Super Seminar Saturdays

Children's Ministry Training

Spring 2024

Good News Clubs

June 3-8, 2024

Office at:

10421 W. Markham St., Ste 100

Little Rock, AR 72205

Office: (918) 868-7722

Mobile: (712) 899-9695

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